The Beckford Journal:
Contents 1995 - 2000

During its fifteen years existence the Newsletter, the forerunner of the present Beckford Journal, was published annually in the Spring in A4 format. The number of pages varied from six to eighteen and it was edited by Jon Millington who was also the author of any unattributed articles. The Journal, also edited by Jon Millington, is published annually and is the official journal of the Beckford Society. Much longer than the Newsletter, the Journal varies in length between 50 and 80 pages and contains articles, reviews, editions of manuscripts and notices of all things Beckfordian.

This page contains a complete index of the contents of the Journal. The numbers following every entry refer to the page number.

The Beckford Journal

Volume 1. Spring 1995


Editorial 2
Beckford Round Table: William Beckford and Avant-gardisme. KENNETH W. GRAHAM. 9
Beckford’s Tower Garden. GILLIAN SLADEN. 11
Obituaries: Devendra Varma. KENNETH W. GRAHAM. 12
Peter Summers. BRIAN NORTH LEE. 13
Settees from Fonthill Splendens. PHILIPPA BISHOP. 15
A Letter to Emma Hamilton from Beckford in 1805. 17
Vathek and The Episodes of Vathek -- separately, but not together. ELINOR SHAFFER. 23
William Beckford’s Most Popular Literary Work: Vathek. ERIC DARTON. 30
Beckford’s Pictures now in the National Gallery. JON MILLINGTON. 37
Beckford and Byron. JON MILLINGTON. 41
William Bankes’ Account of his Surreptitious Visit to Fonthill. 47
An Early Beckford Story: The State of Innosense. 50
Popular Tales of the Germans. JON MILLINGTON. 52
Beckford’s Lighting. JON MILLINGTON. 56

Volume 2. Spring 1996

Editorial 2
Marquise de Santa Cruz: Love-Letters to William Beckford. Transcribed and Annotated by Roger Kann. ELIZABETH HILLIARD 3
An Early Nineteenth Century Dihl and Guerhard Porcelain Cup and Saucer made for William
Beckford’s Manuscript Notes in Two Travel Books from his Own Library. GERLOF JANZEN 9
Back Where it Belongs or Vathek’s French Womb LAURENT CHÂTEL 16
Cyrus Redding: Beckford’s First Biographer. JON MILLINGTON 26
Westphalian Delights. MALCOLM JACK 33
William Beckford and Music: 5. The Fonthill Abbey Organ? ERIC DARTON 35
Some French Purchases by William Beckford. JOHN WHITEHEAD 39
A Response to ‘Vathek and The Episodes of Vathek -- separately, but not together.’ by Elinor Shaffer. MALCOLM JACK 45
Fonthill after Beckford. JON MILLINGTON 46
A Beckford Bookcase JOHN HARDY 60
Candlesticks from Fonthill Abbey JOHN HARDY 62
The Beckford Tower Trust Newsletter: Contents 1980-1994. JON MILLINGTON 64
Beckford’s Tomb and Tower. E. W. CHAPPELOW 68

Volume 3. Spring 1997

Leslie Theodore Hilliard (1905-1997) PHILIPPA BISHOP 2
A Painting of Fonthill Abbey Discovered DAVID LONGBOURNE 6
"Ah Dear Comet . . .": Beckford and the Apocalyptic art of West and Danby J. C. M. NOLAN 8 [the version published by Beckfordiana is a slightly amended version of the original text]
Ramalhão: Beckford’s First Sintra House MALCOLM JACK 21
A Coffer from Lansdown Tower MARTIN LEVY 26
Subterranean Enlightenment at Fonthill ADRIAN CRAFT 30
Rice Pudding à la Vathek PAT MILLLINGTON 36
William Beckford and Music: 6. Beckford and Mozart ERIC DARTON 40
Editions of William Beckford’s Works Published since 1967 JON MILLINGTON 45

Volume 4. Spring 1998

James Lees-Milne 1908 - 1997 SIDNEY BLACKMORE 2
Blake and Beckford: A Television Script JAMES LEES-MILNE 5
William Beckford: A Portuguese Milord JOÃO DE ALMEIDA FLOR 18
At a Crossroads: Assessing and Redefining the Beckford Agenda DICK CLAÉSSON 22
William Beckford and Religion ERIC DARTON 33
The Devotee Glances at the Glorious One J. C. M. NOLAN 39
Monserrate: Beckford’s Second Sintra House MALCOLM JACK 48
Grottoes and Grotesques: The Art of Portraiture in Beckford’s Writing LAURENT CHÂTEL 51
A Transient Gleam JON MILLINGTON 64
The Fonthill Barrier ANDRÉE RUSHTON 65
A Reissue of Storer’s Fonthill JON MILLINGTON 71
Notes on Contributors 75

Volume 5. Spring 1999

Composing for Mozart MALCOLM JACK 2
An English Fidalgo. William Beckford: An English Fidalgo. By Malcolm Jack. New York, 1997
‘Sinking Apace into the Bosom of Delusions’. William Beckford’s Earliest Narrative of Travel.
An introduction to Fragments of an English Tour DICK CLAÉSSON 6
Fragments of an English Tour WILLIAM BECKFORD 14
Beckford’s Excursion to the Grande Chartreuse Revised J. C. M. NOLAN 33
William Beckford and Music. 7. The Singers ERIC DARTON 43
Beckford’s Marginalia JON MILLINGTON 48
The Mole, the Bat, and the Fairy or the Sublime Grottoes of ‘Fonthill Splendens’ LAURENT CHÂTEL 53
Notes on Contributors 75

Volume 6. Spring 2000

Clive Wainwright (1942-1999) HELEN CLIFFORD 2
Portuguese Pilgrims and Irish Seminarians MALCOLM JACK 5
The Restoration of Beckford’s Tower THEO WILLIAMS 8
Strange Bedfellows or The Ambivalent Feelings and Attitudes of William Beckford toward Holland and the Dutch GERLOF JANZEN 17
William Beckford and Music. 8. Publication and Performance of His Own Works ERIC DARTON 29
William, Elizabeth & William or Female Impersonation and Radical Satire JERRY NOLAN 35
Borges on Beckford’s Hell FRANK JULIAN GELLI 46
Staging Beckford: The Theatre of Place and the Theatre of Self JONATHAN WEIGHTMAN 50
The Troubled Gestation of Britton’s Illustrations of Fonthill STEPHEN CLARKE 58
Nichols’ Historical Notices of Fonthill Abbey JON MILLINGTON 75
Notes on Contributors 79


Volume 7. Spring 2001

Liber Veritatis or Why has the Child been so Abused? JERRY NOLAN 2
An Introduction to the Broadview edition of Vathek wih the Episodes of Vathek KENNETH W. GRAHAM 11
Introduction to 'Beckford's letter from Geneva to Lord Thurlow, 22 May 1778' DICK CLAÉSSON 18
Beckford's letter from Geneva to Lord Thurlow, 22 May 1778 WILLIAM BECKFORD 20
William Beckford: Composing for Mozart by Timothy Mowl ERIC DARTON 30
Dramatisations of Vathek: Genlis and After JON MILLINGTON 34
No More Green Cloth Boardings: The Fastidious BookCollecting of William Beckford STEPHEN CLARKE 39
The Professor of Paederasty MALCOLM JACK 45
Engravings of Fonthill JON MILLINGTON 47
Notes on Contributors 60

Volume 8. Spring 2002

Doris Elizabeth Hilliard (1903-2001) PHILIPPA BISHOP 2
Dreams, Waking Thoughts, and Incidents: Beckford’s
Grand Tour as personal and cultural rite of passage. MIRELLA BILLI 6
Enchanting Paths of Paradise ALEXANDER MARR 10
Creating a Beckford Exhibition PHILIP HEWAT-JABOOR 15
William Beckford 1760-1844: An Eye for the Magnificent JOHN WILTON-ELY 25
The William Beckford Exhibition at Dulwich ARNOLD WILSON 36
Deconstructing the Caliph MALCOLM JACK 41
Where Nelson went in Fonthill Abbey JON MILLINGTON 43
William Beckford and the Gothic Charivari DIDIER GIRARD 50
Brief Encounter of Beckford and Disraeli, or
The Radical Pair of ‘Oriental Voluptuaries’ JERRY NOLAN 66 [the version published by Beckfordiana is a slightly amended version of the original text]

Fonthill Abbey. A detail from an engraving from
John Rutter's Delineations of Fonthill (1823).

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