The Beckford Tower Trust Newsletter:
Contents 1980 - 1994

During its fifteen years existence the Newsletter, the forerunner of the present Beckford Journal, was published annually in the Spring in A4 format. The number of pages varied from six to eighteen and it was edited by Jon Millington who was also the author of any unattributed articles.

This page contains a complete index of the contents of the Newsletter. The numbers preceding every entry refer to the page number.



2 Beckford Tower Trust Properties LESLIE HILLIARD
1 The Railings for Beckford’s Tomb
4 Chambers, Beckford and Landscape: A Signpost SIDNEY BLACKMORE
4 Chevalier Franchi’s Tomb SIDNEY BLACKMORE


1 Editorial
2 Events at the Tower / Other News from 1980
3 Beckford’s Silver
3 Charles Hamilton, the Creator of Pains Hill Park ELIZABETH HILLIARD
5 The Beckford Organ GRAHAM CAVE
5 Three Novelists’ Debt to Beckford
6 Boyd Alexander’s Works on Beckford


1 Editorial / Events at the Tower
2 The Beckford Family and Witham Friary MICHAEL MCGARVIE
5 Franchi’s Last Days ERIC DARTON
6 Postcards of Beckford’s Tower
7 Beckford’s Library P. O’R. SMILEY
8 The Mirage of Life


1 Editorial
2 Events at the Tower / Other Recent News
2 Life at the Tower ELIZABETH HILLIARD
4 William Beckford and Music ERIC DARTON
8 John Constable’s Visits to Fonthill Abbey in 1823
9 Images of Bath


1 Editorial
2 A Newly-discovered Water-colour of Beckford’s Tower
3 Wedgwood Etruscan Vases ELIZABETH HILLIARD
4 William Beckford and Music. 2. His teachers? ERIC DARTON
5 The Viscountess de Vesci
6 Beckford’s First Biographer


1 Editorial
2 Annuities for Beckford’s Servants ELIZABETH HILLIARD
3 Francis Danby
4 A Reinterpretation of the Major Literary Works of William Beckford. PhD Thesis by John T. Farrell. 1984 JAMES LEES-MILNE
5 Lennoxlove. Home of the Duke of Hamilton and Brandon GRAHAM CAVE
6 William Beckford and Music. 3. The Organ ERIC DARTON
8 A Seal with the Beckford Arms MICHAEL MCGARVIE
8 William Beckford and the Perambulation of Walcot MICHAEL MCGARVIE


1 Editorial
2 A Re-examination of William Beckford’s Life and Accomplishments in Portugal MARIA LAURA BETTENCOURT PIRES
7 Dr and Mrs Hilliard’s Visit to Portugal ELIZABETH HILLIARD
8 John Farquhar, Eccentric ERIC DARTON
9 The Lyttelton Hart-Davis Letters


1 Editorial
2 "Delineations" on the Fonthill Pageant DIDIER GIRARD
4 How Wealthy Was ‘England’s Wealthiest Son’? MALCOLM JACK
5 Beckford’s ‘Ode’
6 Fonthill: John Farquhar and After ERIC DARTON
8 Watersouchy of Amsterdam ELIZABETH HILLIARD
8 Boyd Alexander


1 Editorial
2 William Beckford and Portugal: An Impassioned Journey. 1787-1794-1798 ELIZABETH HILLIARD
3 Recollections of a Congress at Sintra MALCOLM JACK
5 William Beckford and Music. 4. The Harpsichord and Pianoforte ERIC DARTON
8 William Beckford’s Nostalgic Visions DIDIER GIRARD
9 Victoria County History of Wiltshire. Vol. XIII


1 Editorial
2 Fonthill Redivivus ELIZABETH HILLIARD
4 Literary Curiosities DIDIER GIRARD
8 Je, William Beckford. A Novel by Bernard Sichère. Paris: Denöel 1984 ELIZABETH HILLIARD
9 William Beckford’s Cousin ERIC DARTON


1 Editorial
2 Beckford and Portugal: a Review Essay MALCOLM JACK
3 Sir Roy Strong’s Fonthill
4 Beckford’s Silver
4 New Publications
4 French Editions of Beckford’s Works
5 The Satirical Novels of William Beckford: 1. Modern Novel Writing (1796) ERIC DARTON
7 Beckford’s Letters to Clarke
8 A Lapis Lazuli Cup
8 Recent Events


1 Editorial
3 Brian Fothergill’s Beckford MALCOLM JACK
4 Beckford Items at No. 10 Circus, Bath PHILIPPA BISHOP
7 The Satirical Novels of William Beckford: 2. Azemia (1797) ERIC DARTON
9 Fake!
10 The Beckford-Clarke Correspondence. 1830-1834 DIDIER GIRARD
11 Seminars on William Beckford [in Bristol & Bath] KENNETH W. GRAHAM
12 Eighth International Congress on the Enlightenment. Beckford Round Table [Introductory notes by the participants]


1 Editorial
2 Beckford’s "Juvenilia"? [Introduction to ‘Fragments’] DIDIER GIRARD
3 Fragments of a Romance [Bodleian Library MS. Beckford c. 48]
8 Beckford at the Salisbury Festival GRAHAM CAVE
9 Beckford’s Quarterings
10 William Beckford’s First Literary Work - The Vision ERIC DARTON
13 More Than a Transient Gleam MALCOLM JACK
14 Suppressed Illustrations for Vathek
15 ‘Nineteenth Century Bath Architects and Architecture’ by Neil Jackson


1 Editorial
2 A Pair of Ebonised Chairs PHILIPPA BISHOP
3 William Beckford: Terroriste au Palais de la Raison by Didier Girard. Paris: José Corti, 1993. 225pp. 100f ELIZABETH HILLIARD
5 Beckford in Paris, 1792: Unconcerned but not Indifferent (Man Ray’s Epitaph) DIDIER GIRARD
10 The Visual and the Literary in William Beckford MALCOLM JACK
12 The Enigma of Chevalier Gregorio Franchi ERIC DARTON
15 "One More Triste" - A Memory of Lady Margaret Beckford SIDNEY BLACKMORE
15 Beckford’s Silver in Brussels
16 Anthony Blunt’s "Fonthill Abbey"


1 Events at the Tower / Vathek / Beckford Study Day
2 Monserrate / 27 Charles Street, Mayfair / The Volcano Lover. A Romance / Beckford Round Table in Germany
3 Regency Design / Beckford Sales / Acknowledgments
3 Vathek and Other Stories
4 Terrorist in the Palace of Reason. William Beckford: Terroriste au Palais de la Raison by Didier Girard. Paris: José Corti, 1993. 225pp. 100f MALCOLM JACK
5 ‘Souvenirs of Fonthill Abbey’ Exhibition PHILIPPA BISHOP
6 William Beckford’s First Published Work: Biographical Memoirs of Extraordinary Painters ERIC DARTON
9 Survey of the Beckford Ride. Summary of the Draft Report produced by the Debois Landscape Survey Group. December 1993 JAMES NEAL
9 Research for the ‘Souvenirs of Fonthill Abbey’ Exhibition
11 The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham University
12 A Puzzle for Readers


Approaching the Fonthill estate. A detail from an engraving in
John Rutter's Delineations of Fonthill (1823).

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