In the wake of public interest in the sale of Fonthill Abbey, John Rutter's brief guidebook - A Description of Fonthill Abbey and Demesne - went through a total of six editions. The sixth and final edition is presented here in facsimile. Accompanied by a soutwest view of the Abbey (very much reminiscent of the polygraph of which a detail is presented [see left]), Rutter's Description was a 'budget' version of the larger, folio Delineations which appeared in 1823.

Please use the index below to continue to the facsimile of A Description of Fonthill Abbey (1822).

[See also A New Guide to Fonthill Abbey (published in 1822), which is published in facsimile here.]

A Description of Fonthill Abbey and Demesne, in the County of Wilts: Including a List of Its
Paintings, Cabinets, &c. By John Rutter. Sixth Edition. Shaftesbury: Printed and Published
by John Rutter; To be had of Longman, Hurst, and Co. London; and of all Booksellers. 1822.

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